Solist Fino 57-59% - Fountana Beverage
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Solist Fino 57-59%


Solist Fino





Kavalan, Whisky
About This Project

Fino, Spanish for ‘Fine’, is the driest and most pale of all varieties of traditional sherry wine. Traditional Fino wine is usually non-sweet and is best consumed shortly after the bottle is opened in order to avoid losing its flavor. Kavalan’s Fino, however, provides mild sweetness that excites the palate. Solist Fino was matured in top Fino Sherry butts that were used for the wine making.

Tasting Notes

Color: dark gold amber

Nose: the rich aroma of sherry, with its creamy toffee and rich fudge qualities, and the slightest hint of chocolate blends with the fruity character of the spirit. The fruitiness is a complex, multi-layered blend of mango and over-ripe citrus fruit flavours that ends with a touch of green apples.

Palate: natural sweetness on the tongue is accentuated with a gentle fudge flavor. Complex fruity flavors are layered with dry smoked wood aromas.