Canadian Rockies 21 Yr 40% - Fountana Beverage
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Canadian Rockies 21 Yr 40%

Canadian Rockies Whisky







Canadian Rockies Whisky, Whisky
About This Project

Nose: A complex synthesis of red cedar, sweet plums, white pepper, and lilacs rides a surging wave of butterscotch. Rich and full yet oh so elegant and clean with wafting vanilla and whiffs of sweet baking spices. A teasing citrus zestiness tickles the nose. The full bouquet takes time to develop and patience is rewarded.
Palate: Sweet and sour kumquats, lots of spicy heat, and subtle hints of cedar move quickly to the foreground, only to be replaced by creamy caramel on the second sip. Hot chili peppers and sweet baking spices bathe in the richness of buttery corn. The whisky breathes lilacs, mint, vanilla, and hot black pepper with tinges of anise, all the while maintaining its elegance and subtlety. Then earthy tones and new-cut wood lead it in another direction. As the peppery temperature rises, a soothing creamy cushion mellows it. Slightly pulling tannins turn to quintessential cleansing Canadian grapefruit pith as the flavours move towards their finish. Multi-layered, very subtle, complex, and ever-changing.
Finish: Medium-long to long. A refreshing citrus pith that moves freely through oak, toffee, fresh flowers, cedar, and hot spices as it slowly fades. Spicy, creamy and so soft.
Empty Glass: Butterscotch, sweet kumquats, suggestions of oak, cloves, and lilacs.

-Davin De Kergommeaux, Malt Maniac, Canada.