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About Us


Fountana Beverage is an international liquor import/export company based in Vancouver, Canada. We enjoy all kinds of liquor from around the world, and we want to share them with as many as we can.


We are also a local liquor agent that sources unique whiskies into Western Canada.

 Jay Wheelock

Sales Manager for North America |  [email protected]

It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle choice. With 19-plus years in the industry, staying current with trends and consumer insight is more than a full-time occupation. Between print, electronic media and an increasingly diverse community of devoted consumers, J. Wheelock has devoted many hours to learning about the ever-evolving world of cask-aged brown spirit.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, J.’s role is to connect with like-minded individuals, groups and establishments, espousing the virtues of the whiskeys he’s been charged to represent. His first foray into the Whisky-sphere was with the famed family of brands held by The Edrington Group, four-plus years with Whyte and Mackay Brands, BenRiach Brands, Compass Box and Michter’s, and now with Fountana Beverage.

Maria Garcia-Poulgouras

Supply Chain & Logistics – North America | [email protected]

Maria came to Canada when she was just 19 to learn English and French but she fell in love with the country and decided to stay looking for a better future. She has over 18 years’ experience working in the food, travel and wholesale liquor industries, has a Degree in Advertising and Marketing, a BA in Tourism & Hospitality and has a Culinary Arts Diploma from Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Canada. Her Spanish heritage has given her a passion for wine but she is developing a taste for various whiskeys specially Peated Whisky even though wine will always be her passion.